The entire team at Thomas A. Will & Associates was proud of the outcome reached in the Pennsylvania Superior Court in the matter of Commonwealth v. M.M.

In August of 2019, M.M. was pulling into a gas station in Westmoreland County when three police cruisers pulled him over and searched his car. The officers claimed that he failed to signal before turning into the parking lot, but M.M. told his lawyers that he was positive he used his turn signal. Attorney Will listens to his clients, and decided to closely review the grainy gas station security footage, frame by frame. For doing so, Attorney Will was able to prove in court that M.M.’s turn signal was indeed active – even the officers admitted to it.

But then, just when it seemed that the Commonwealth’s case was lost, the officers suddenly testified that they did not actually pull M.M. over for failure to signal, but rather for cutting them off in the middle of an intersection almost 300 feet up the road. After a lot of arguments on the issue, the judge in Westmoreland County decided that he did not believe the officers, and ordered that the Commonwealth’s evidence be suppressed.

The Commonwealth appealed this decision to the Superior Court, and for almost a year the parties submitted briefs and awaited a decision. Finally, on August 9, 2021, the Superior Court ruled that the judge in Westmoreland County made the right call, and confirmed that all evidence to be used against M.M. was to be suppressed.

Attorney Will knows that the facts make all the difference, and that the client is the most knowledgeable person about the facts in his or her own case. M.M., for one, is glad that he went with the firm that leaves no stone unturned.